5 Things I learned living away from home

1. Things aren’t so bad as we expect in a first moment. Life isn’t as hard as we sometimes imagine and problems will be solved because all things we could imagine were worst than reality is.

You learn to be alone in lots of times, you learn to be stronger and to catch the bad things and convert them into positive thinking.

2. Your place in the world probably is not a physical place, it’s a mix of things who make you feel like home. You come to the conclusion you are a citizen of the world and you start to understand other cultures, people, manners… that makes your life more rich and human and eliminate any bias you had. You learn to build your own little family as a way to survive and feel like it was your home.

3. People are soooo materialistic. We are always collecting things, we store them and we don’t realize we can live with only a few. When you came to that conclusion and you quit from you life that stupid things you feel more free and better with yourself. It’s a liberating feeling that moves you and delete that need of physical place.

4. Usually we don’t value what we have. Our family, our home… that daily things that make us live so comfortable. When you live away from home you start to realize how lucky you are and how living is so expensive and hard, then you start to thank all days what you have. You become a more grateful person and you start to relativize bad things.

5. You mature and you become in a more liable person who can face any problem, you learn to manage and solve them. Definitely you grow up as a person and you become a man.